Good news, everyone! 

The wait for the Android version of the critically acclaimed “Catcha Catcha Aliens!” is over! Both iOS and Android versions are free to play!

Alien catchers who have already purchased the iOS App will be credited with 20,000 Zhillings, the virtual currency of the game, if they have the initial version installed on the device when they update their game.

As an employee of the Interplanetary Clean Up Squad working under the guidance of Zubzub and S.H.I.P you’ll be responsible for removing the sinister invaders from a variety of planets across the unknown universe. You’ll have you jump, duck and swerve to keep up with the large array of the less-than-friendly creatures you’ve been hired to take care of.

Across the planets Moori, Koorin and Methon you will navigate through deadly terrain while trying to catch the invaders with your Nuclear Entrapment Device. Survive the swamps and thick foliage of the forest planet, battle through the frozen wasteland and crystalized caves of the ice planet and dominate the desert wastes and volcanic terrain of the lava planet.

Catcha Catcha Aliens offers many hours of fun* with 45 levels across 3 planets, and more to come. Customize your favourite character, either, Ray or M4rI4 choosing from a huge selection of outfits, gadgets power-ups and more!

*Fun is mandatory for all ICUS employees by order of Zubzub.

Gold Award – An impressive and feature-rich enhancement of the endless-runner concept, Catcha Catcha Aliens! may rely on celebrity connections to get itself noticed, but it has the quality to stand on its own merits

Let’s get straight to what you want to know, the game is an extremely fun, massively addictive infinite runner in the same vein as Temple Run, but with a few changes that make it stand out from the crowd; some of which will put it on a pedestal that other games will simply never reach.


  • Unique gameplay elements
  • 3 planets each with new environments
  • 45 levels to play in total
  • 3 Mini Challenges to complete in each level
  • Voice acting from Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross
  • Shop and upgrade system
  • Play as Ray or M4R14
  • Loads of outfits to customize with, even mix and match!
  • Great music composed solely for this game
  • Much, much more!


The rockabilly dude of the team, somewhat over confident but a reliable catcha. Allergic to figs. Banished from the Humdrumider galaxy for outlandish hair and illegally replacing his blood with pure liquid music. Never seen without his headphones, which has led many to theorise that they are actually part of his skull.

Due to an altercation in time he, in the eyes of the law, has yet to be conceived.

Ray was once considered a chemical element with an atomic weight of 314.


Not much is known of her origins, but some believe that her hardware is comprised of ancient human technology originally designed to run video games.

She is a high quality android with a wide variety of functions such as:

  • Catching invaders
  • Photographic memory, but currently all available space is filled with pictures of cats. Some playing keyboards
  • Can perform incredibly complicated mathematical equations when given a calculator
  • Secure wifi and Bluetooth support
  • Still receiving system updates, from an unknown source.


Semi Humanoid Intelligence. Originally called S.H.I but autocorrect kicked in, ruined the name and no one could think of anything for the ‘P’. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

S.H.I.P’s software was actually redesigned from an open source speak and spell. S.H.I.P comes equipped with 40 gigs of RAM, a 2 petabyte solid state drive and monitor resolution of 8×8 (16×16 extended mode).

Originally designed on Palthagorn by Einstein. Yes. That Einstein.

(Voiced by the handsome and talented Jonathan Ross. He owns the company. We had to write that.)


Once the top catcha in the galaxy, retired briefly after an unfortunate “Incident” on the job. Fortunately he was working on the hospital planet catching an array of overgrown bacteria. AS the hospital planet is rightly know for having the best healthcare in the universe he made a full recovery after extensive tissue and organ system replacement/enhancement therapy. Receiving a HUGE out of court settlement, he then took a year off. Refreshed and revitalised, he returned to open the interplanetary clean up squad once his piles of cash began to diminish.

His insatiable lust for Zhillings drives him on, but he also has a thing for talking olives. Go figure.

(Zub Zub is voiced by the amazing and even more handsome Stephen Fry.)

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